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Note on downloading: The download(s) below are zipfiles.
Coming soon: Digital certificates for safer downloading.  In the meantime, we have provided MD5 checksums for our downloads.  The MD5 values are specified on the zip files, so that you can check values immediately after download.  You will need an MD5 calculator .
You should always do a virus check on all recently downloaded binary files.

After extraction, the downloads are all native Windows executables, and there are no setup programs to any of them. Simply save to your disk and run. Consequently, there are no uninstall programs either. On the first run of the PicShow, you will get a message box asking you to 'Register' the program in the registry. Just click 'yes' to this message. No data will be submitted; this is strictly an entry in the local Windows registry.

Requirements: Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 or Windows XP

WebTest Coming Soon WebTest Beta A tool to load test web applications. Easily pick your test URLs from a browser, then let WebTest generate all test cases for you. Supports any http testing. (110kb)
Color Picker

A small utility for picking a color. Will copy and paste in text format, using the clipboard. Supports HTML, C++, VB, AWT, Swing and .Net formats.  More Info .  (122kb)

Color Picker


Picture Show Picture Show A Windows application that shows a gallery of images in a rotation. (63kb)
This program demonstrates:
  • Hosting the IE browser control
  • Pluggable Protocols
  • Sundry Windows programming, such as custom drawing and data handling

Requires IE 5.01 or later.

MD5: 80829D097DDE0B79B186486BC9FB0FFC

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