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Color Picker

Requirements: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7-10.  The Color Picker assumes 24-bit colors, both during editing and for the generated colors. 
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This small utility is useful for choosing or checking a color. The user interface is simple. Pick your Red, Green and Blue values to compose your color, either with a slider or the spin buttons, or typing in the number. 

Color Picker

 You can also pick a color from anywhere on the screen with the picker. There are over 140 precomposed colors you can choose from as a starting point. Below is a sample of some of the named colors you can pick from the catalog. ColorPicker will copy and paste in text format, using the clipboard. Supports HTML, C++, Java/AWT, Java/Swing, VB and .Net formats.  New:   Also supports the bitmap format.

Color Picker has several 'Placeholder' colors, or stash.  You can also retrieve colors from the clipboard.  If you want to compare a number of different colors, you can run any number of instances of the Color Picker. 

There is no Setup program, just a standalone executable.  If you want to clear up settings, choose "Options..." from the system menu and click the "Clear Registry" button.

New in 1.7: 

  • You can now store any number of colors in the color stash.
  • Color stash is synchronized between programs when multiple instances are running.
  • Drag and drop colors.
  • Multiple blend options when using Slider to pick a color.
  • HSL (Hue, Saturation, Lightness) conversions.
  • Bug fixes.

New in 1.6:  Introduced the 'Slide...' function to calibrate colors with others.  Added magnify ability to the 'Picker' function. Now remembers your placeholder colors. Add 'Custom' output format.  Some bug fixes. 

New in 1.5:  Added Alpha support, bitmap as a format, and separate placeholder colors.  Also added help.  Some bug fixes. 

New in 1.2:  Added VB as a separate format, and .Net formats as well.  Added an About Box.


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